Thursday, February 10, 2011

[Bee's Knees]

I used to think, “No polish is perfect.” 

Most nail polish purchases I have made I’ve deeply regretted by the second day of wear.  Why?  It's either so thin it takes five coats to achieve optimal opacity, or so thick it barely brushes on.  Sometimes, and worst of all, the color in the bottle is somehow not what it is on the nails.

This is why I am an essie enthusiast.

I first discovered essie when I was going through my nude nail phase. At the time, I made many trips to the beauty store, wishing and hoping I’d find a nude hue.  After many fruitless trips, I resorted to the Internet to find a complementary shade for my skin (although I was skeptical I’d have much luck). 

Lo and behold, the fabulous J.Crew had my solution. 

I eagerly purchased the shade Eternal Optimist and enjoyed it frequently.  After that, my sister aided me in acquiring Mambo, an orangey version of Optimist.  I savored only these two shades until just recently.  My mother surprised me with a pick-me-up present in the form of Blanc!  Since then, I have obtained three more shades.  I am excited about my expanding collection.  Not only are the colors superb, but a mere three coats + drying time and ta-da! Perfection! 

At first, eight dollars feels like a steep price for a bit of polish, but if it keeps me satisfied for longer than a day, it’s a price I’ll gladly pay.

From Blanc to Big Spender 
French mani and festive yogurt-covered pretzels 

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