Thursday, February 17, 2011

[Desert Drive]

The desert has me enchanted.

As a lover of dense vegetation, emerald foliage, and heavy rainfall, this newfound fondness of the Southwest surprises me.

Because my sister has taken up residence in the state of Arizona, I have been fortunate enough to visit her frequently.  When the cold winter winds hinted at major snowfall the beginning of this month, my parents and I threw our packed bags in the car and set off for the Grand Canyon State.

A 25 hour car ride is not something that makes me cringe, luckily.  I delight in very long road trips (similarly I have traveled to Sanibel, FL and the New Jersey coast in this way).  I prefer the starlit nightshift, so I can snap shots in the daytime.

Sadly, we left this morning to go back home, after eleven sun-filled days with my sister.  Here are a few photos from the trip down and a nature hike two Tuesdays ago.

Snow in Oklahoma
Scenic Phoenix
View from the top of Telegraph Pass
Beautiful flowering cactus

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