Monday, February 21, 2011

[Four F's]

After the long drive home from Arizona, a relaxing Friday was the perfect way to welcome the weekend.  Since the fridge was empty with the exception of a few brave apples as well as tried and true condiments, calling for take-out was a must.  It is just a short drive to Chan’s and back; soon enough I enjoyed steamy pork fried rice and some decadent shrimp rangoons…not to mention a fresh fortune cookie and some wise words.
With temperatures reaching high 50s, Saturday’s fish fry was timed perfectly.  For the affair, I decided to channel my inner high schooler, complete with black Chucks and a vintage old lady purse.  Driving thirty minutes outside of city limits allowed me to delight in the scenery that included a few silos and half a dozen buffalo.  Upon arrival, some furry felines were pouncing about the property.  The party lasted well into the night, though I was eager to curl up with a blanket after feeling the chilly air on the walk back to the car.
Vogue eyeglasses, J.Crew cardigan, Vintage tee, Lucky Brand jeans,
Converse All-Stars, Vintage purse
Sunday started quite productively for me, as I popped out of bed at 7:18 and decided to overhaul my closet.  After I could see my floor again, I headed to the store to pick up fresh foods for the week.  I was especially intrigued by a bin of apple pears and just had to sink my teeth into one for lunch.  It was delicious!  My cravings of juicy fruit are a sure sign of my dreams of an early spring.

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