Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[Stellar Yellar]

When clumsy, careless clouds encroached on my Monday,
I did not scramble for shelter, and inside I  did  not  stay.

I snatched my nearest sweater...   and  oh!   To my surprise,
The shade I snatched so mindlessly matched that of a sunrise.

And so I grabbed my skinny belt,  laced  it  through  my  loops,
Found my bubble ‘brella, and howled a few “whoop whoop” ’s!

What could have been a wasted day, a complete and utter bore,
Became an engaging adventure----just ‘cause of the color I wore.

Hibiscus Hottie sunglasses, ModCloth;  Yellow bubble umbrella, Urban Outfitters;
ilse jacobsen short rain boots, Madewell;  Naomi Cropped Trench, Rugby by Ralph Lauren; 
Yellow eyeliner trend, Glamour magazine;  Tanto headphones in yellow, Urbanears;
 hansel from basel slouchy trouser socks, Madewell;  Dream print tee,
Vintage Havana.

Be your own sun
and shine!


  1. You have no idea how very wise this is:) But you probably do....

  2. sometimes its hard danado, but it is good to try.