Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[Whole Heart]

Valentine’s Day is generally celebrated loudly, with giant gestures and professions of love.  Many of my past February 14ths I agonized and poured myself over presents and postage for everyone in my friend circle.  Being a fan of handcrafted-ness, I exhausted myself by making specialized presents: the closer the friend, the grander the gift.

This year, however, I felt no longing to join in the Valentine’s Day fervor.  Instead, I spent the day with my family, feeling comfortably content. 

But I did make three special cards for four special someones.

First was my beautiful older sister.  This glorious trip to Arizona has certainly not allowed enough time with her, but every minute has been terrific.  Her Valentine is a tiny token for of sisterly love.  Next were my parents.  They are always a wonderful example of love.  Their Valentine jointly celebrates their wedding anniversary for February 16th.  Lastly was Kayla.  We decided to be each other’s valentines and exchanged homemade cards this year. 

It was just enough to honor the holiday.

multimedia Valentine's Day cards

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