Wednesday, March 2, 2011

[Dainty Things]

There is something so delightful about delicate adornment.  

Although refined in nature, this class of jewelry has the power to speak louder than any bold bangle or statement necklace.

Currently, I envision a tiny, tiny ring for my pinkie finger and a thin chain that graces my collarbone, offering a glimmer only when I move.

I prefer vintage jewelry, but sometimes a current designer just gets it right.

Gold is a must.

Paloma's Hammered Circles pendant from Tiffany's; Pearl stud earrings from J.Crew;
Hand in Hand bangle from Kate Spade; Arrow ring by Jacquie Aiche; Star ring by Gorjana;
Kissing Mice ring from ASOS; Snow White Apple ring by Disney Couture.

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