Thursday, March 10, 2011

[Duck Day]

I’ll gladly admit to being a cheap date.  I prefer handpicked flowers to store-bought bouquets, and peanut butter and jelly picnics to stuffy restaurants. 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with my girlfriend La for some quality time feeding ducks at our favorite park.  For a $1.14 loaf of white bread, we had a blast.

I don’t know if the ducks were starving the whole winter, or if they were just happy to see us---as soon as La and I arrived, our feathered friends came running.  We were overwhelmed at first; there were probably thirty that swarmed us.  We frantically flung pieces in every direction.  The end of the loaf came too quickly, and we dashed for shelter from the frenzied ducks.  Some angry fellows squawked and stalked us for a bit, but eventually flew off to the pond.

The wind held a chill in the air, but the liveliness from the feeding had our blood pumping.  We decided to prolong the outing with a few laps around the pond, and I got to snap a few photos once the ducks calmed down.

Days like yesterday make me really happy; it’s a bit of a tradition for La and I to meet at the park and spend an hour or so together.  It goes to show with good company, anything can be fun. 

Happy Thursday!

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