Thursday, March 31, 2011

[Grape Sheets]

Lately I can’t get enough of things that remind me of my young years.  I love surrounding myself with objects I grew up with (like my old Power Rangers pillow) and finding items that I wanted but never acquired (for instance a classy wicker floor length mirror that I am still searching for). 

As the weather slowly transitions back to spring, my bed linens are livening up my room.
My very worn-to-perfection sheets have been a favorite of mine forever.  As my older self, I have not changed my perception of the pattern, and still refer to them as my beloved grape sheets.  Next I layered in my family’s cozy peach blanket, which was a camping trip staple for years---I love it combined with my rosy quilt which hosts lavender, pink and avocado shades.
Looking at my bed makes me so happy, and sleeping in it every night is a treat.  Nostalgia finds me often, and it’s so nice to succumb to my dreamings snugly tucked under my favorite blankets. 


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