Wednesday, March 16, 2011

[Happy Feet]

I was graced by fate this past October.

The entire summer of 2010, I lusted a pair of metallic Sperry Topsiders.  I would stare at them online, and wish and hope that they’d magically appear in my closet. 
Well, that didn’t happen.
When fall arrived, I sadly stored them in the deep recesses of my brain.

One random weekday, a project I was working on required taking a trip to Kansas City.  After dutifully completing my tasks, I treated myself with a jaunt to the Country Club Plaza.  I visited the usual haunts and happened to notice a new storefront…Sperry Topsiders!  I excitedly entered the shop and started scanning the footwear on display. 
A little gleam caught the corner of my eye; my eyes fell to the floor.  An exquisite pair of Platinum Gold Sperrys was glamorously adorning a saleslady’s feet. 
I must have startled the woman with my instant awe.  I began to tell her how I loved her shoes, and bombarded her with questions, concerning the metallic’s durability.  She assured me they were the best fitting Sperrys she owned (made of comfy deerskin) and that the metallic coloring stands up to everyday wear.  She even told me they were the last store that had them in stock---only two pairs left!
I sucked my breath in.  Even though my size ten tootsies look great in shoes, I am never one to have much luck finding those shoes in stock.

The saleslady asked what size I was.  And I told her.

“What luck!  We have size 9 1/2 and 10!  I’ll go get them!”

I absolutely could not believe my ears.  Or my feet.  When I tried on the boat shoes, they felt and looked like heaven.  I knew I couldn’t leave the store without them.  One simple swipe, and I was walking out of that beautiful store, wearing my beautiful gold Sperrys (size 9 1/2!).

Since then, I have not gone a week without wearing them.  They work for presentations, are very convenient for airport security, and are my favorite choice for running errands around town.

Sperry Topsider, I heart you.  Metallic boat shoes, I heart you even more.


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