Monday, March 21, 2011

[Happy One]

This weekend was a happy one.  I was fortunate enough to spend it reading, rearranging, and eating delicious meals.  The highlight of the two days was my special trip across the heartland that allowed me to indulge in the quaint cookings of The Blue Owl (

I had visited The Blue Owl a few years back, after hearing stories of their nine-inch high pies.  Not only were the desserts mouthwatering, but the country-cooked meals reminded me a place we used to eat at when I was younger.  This time dining, I opted for the fan favorite of chicken-fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy.  Not the healthiest choice, but boy, was it tasty!  The biscuit was so crumbly, gravy so creamy, and green beans so flavorful.  The crispy coating on the steak crunched nicely in contrast to the velvety potatoes. Sadly, I only experienced the cakes and pies on the lonely side of the glass displays.
Happy Spring!


  1. oh miss d...i would just scream for a 9 inch coconut cream pie. apparently they aren't much on pie out here in denver. come visit me and bring pie :)

  2. straight away, my lovely! tell me when is good for you, and i'll leave some room in my carry-on. ;)

  3. i will make time for a visit from you any time of the day or night this is for certain