Tuesday, March 8, 2011

[Hat Treat]

Over the past few years I have acquired some special hats, perfect for tricky hair days (like the old man fedora I got in Ireland).

Although my hatties haven’t seen my head in a while, I have been considering them for the upcoming sunny forecast. 

Since hats are attention-grabbers, I know accessorizing can become a bit of a blunder.

For summer fedoras, like my woven one below, I will most certainly reach for my biggest pair of sunnies.  This combination wins for incognito occasions.  For hats with some flair (this chocolate beauty has a wrap sewn inside, just right for keeping the mane in place) adding a small silk scarf to the neck or wrist doubles the drama.  This butterscotch topper has so much understated elegance; I’ll up the glamour with a sparkly statement necklace.  I like this silver one, because of its intricate flowers and chunky chain.

Go forth and peruse the local antique shops for one-of-a-kind styles.

And don’t forget to browse the men’s sections too!

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