Friday, March 4, 2011

[Night Music]

I swoon when I hear “Fade Into You.”

When I was younger, I first heard this song during the dance scene in the 90s movie Angus.  The blue lighting and the camera winding around the king and queen—watching it now makes me feel lightheaded,  hinting to my own nights spent at high school dances, where I ached for someone to hold me close. 

Mazzy Star has been described as “comfortably numb,” with its psychedelic tones and blurry sound quality.  The vocals, at times, seem apathetic and lead off as if they were a vapor blending in with the fog of the instruments.  None of the songs host resounding happiness, but the reliable melancholy creeps over the body and settles on it until the album concludes.  This band can make my mind switch to autopilot, and I can sink into a cool oblivion.

Instead of having an Angus moment, these days I flood my ears with Mazzy Star when I lie in my bed and peek out at the inky sky.  Since the songs run together, I have little to distract myself from settling in for my night’s sleep.  I catch myself breathing slower, deeper with the lyrics murmuring like a lullaby.  I allow the rifts to sneak through my brain and turn various parts off---the part worrying about deadlines, the one concerning the day’s conversations---and I let my mind soak up the music until I am no longer aware.

No matter my mood, I always play “Fade Into You” first. 

Album cover obtained from Google.

Happy weekend, xxoo

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