Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[Pine Apple]

Have you figured out my favorite color?

It’s yellow! 
I love maaaany yellow things, including my two favorite fruits: lemons and pineapples.  

While I was browsing Mrs. Lilien’s blog, she referenced Our Workshop:
It just so happened that this online shop boasts a lovely vintage section, home to a dazzling pineapple box that I fell in love with the second I saw it.  The price did not make me so happy however.  My supreme searching skills set into gear and I began to scour the Internet for a more budget friendly pineapple.

Lo and behold: Etsy.

This pineapple is not only taller in real life, but also half the other’s price.  Snatching this baby up was a no brainer.  Thank you, fabulousmess!



  1. i love pineapples....sign of hospitality. im calling you now...i hope you are still awake.

  2. i love that you know this. and i love you!