Monday, March 7, 2011

[Some G's]

Another relaxing weekend rolled my way as heavy winds and gray skies made motivation slump into the negatives.

I kept myself busy by catching up on some reading (Possession to be exact) and brainstorming various art projects for the upcoming weeks.  I even prepped some canvases for some spontaneous painting.

The weekend is most definable by my mother’s mission to define my eye color.  We hunted around the house for various green objects, positioned them next to my wide eyes and crossed our fingers for a perfect match.  No similar shade thus far.
Another highlight was Saturday’s dinner of delicious gyros.  A small shop in town makes them smaller, but, just as good as our favorite place in Chicago.  Yum.

My only complaint for the weekend is that I was not able to see my favorite basketball player in action---the local television stations seem to cover every team except the Phoenix Suns.  I guess I’ll just have to catch Gortat on a recap.


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