Thursday, March 3, 2011

[Spring Feelings]

Although it is just the third day in March, I am feeling my heartstrings being pulled by fresh breezes and crisp sunshine.

Spring always has me all a flutter.  In my eyes, it is the time to kiss winter blues goodbye.  I find that in spring, I’ve got my head in the clouds; daydreaming becomes an everyday occasion.

This season is the time to enjoy throwing all the windows open and breathing in fresh, clean air.  Blooming flowers, budding trees, luscious grass, and new animal life complete the splendor.  It is a time to enjoy the local gardens and fountains, paint outside…and my favorite afternoon pastime of feeding duckies bread at a nearby pond.  I love getting two loaves---one for them, and one for me.

This morning I thought of the new rabbit nest in my backyard.  Envisioning baby bunnies hopping about made me really want to share this photo I took last year.  I have a soft spot for furry creatures and little encounters like this make my spring days even better.

For me, spring is the prelude…when summer holds its most promise.



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