Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[Sunny Side]

Disclaimer:  I’m having a major yellow moment, so bear with me.

Do you have an item you see visit after visit of your favorite haunt, and every time you cry out to the universe, “Why?! Why is this not in my size!”
I know I do.  

Its housed on the second floor of a hodgepodge antique store---where the floor boards sound like they will collapse with your next step, and the crazy Christmas decorations (like a huge Santa) kind of give you the creeps.  The little beauty I lust is a slinky sequin dress, with a high collar and severe slit up the back.  It is divine.  And also tragically impossible to squeeze into.  Every time I climb the narrow staircase, I begin to search for this dress, just to feel the relief that it has not been sold…that maybe it could still be mine one day.

I have since looked for a yellow embellished dress everywhere.  New catalogs, Internet search engines, every store I step foot in, but nothing really captured the essence of that vintage sequined dress.  Until now, that is. 
Detail of vintage dress; ASOS beaded dress.
I know that this ASOS SALON Beaded Cluster Dress is not sequined or floor length, but its froofy flowers offer a spin on floral, and the shape is 60s inspired.  Unfortunately, the steep price has me lusting now TWO very yellow, very fine wardrobe superstars.


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