Tuesday, March 1, 2011

[Sweet Sleep]

“We are happy horizontal.”
---Ilse Crawford, Home is Where the Heart Is

I have loved canopy beds for as long as I can remember. 

When I was little, it was the prissy beds that had a fabric canopy that perfectly matched the bedding (usually in a butter yellow or sweet pink).  I would always look at these, wide-eyed, in the huge catalogs my mom would leave on the coffee table.  I’d wish and hope for one to magically appear in my room.

When I was ten or so, mosquito nets became my obsession.  I longed to have one over my bed so that I could close the swags and sit like a princess in a little cocoon.  Luckily those were easier to come by; I had a few variations, including a homemade version courtesy the instructions in an AmericanGirl magazine I received in the mail.

Even now, after schooling and countless viewings of home decorating shows, my heart longs for a true canopy bed.  They create a space within a space and offer something so magical, whimsical, and irresistible to the bedroom. 

Top: Image obtained from the official Coraline movie site.
Bottom: Images obtained from Google.

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