Monday, April 4, 2011

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This weekend has been filled with some exciting events.  But after three nights in a row of going out (including the extremely fabulous affair of a girls’ night) I was ready to lay low and get lost in a Disney movie on Sunday night. 

It just so happens I had just the one---ever since its release last Tuesday, I have been itching to rip open the plastic of my new Tangled DVD and watch it over and over.  
When I saw it in theaters I was blown away with the incredible soundtrack of original songs, and its likeness to my other favorite Disney Princess movies.  After thinking about it for the past few months (when it was in movie limbo), I came to the conclusion that Rapunzel is my favorite Princess.  Did you just gasp?  Not only is she a green-eyed artist, Rapunzel longs for adventure first, and befriends love along the way.  She is not so decisive, which makes her more relatable, and who wouldn’t love swinging from a tree with her own hair?

Rent it (or buy it!!) and love.
Happy Monday!

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