Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[Thunder Cake]

I woke up to a storm.  The wind pelted raindrops against my windows, and I could hear the rustling of neighboring trees.  The heavy gray sky shuddered as lightning crackled across it.  As I contemplated my day’s activities, the perfect idea struck me.  Thunder Cake.

I acknowledge I had an unusual taste in story books when I was young.  I loved illustrations saturated with detail and expression.  It’s no wonder I was drawn to the author Patricia Polacco.  Polacco created stories deeply laced with inspirations from her Russian heritage, including the ever present character, Babushka.  In Thunder Cake, a little girl conquers her fear of thunderstorms (with the help of her grandmother) by baking a special cake.  The book follows their journey gathering the ingredients in haste before the storm reaches their farm.

Although this story has been in my collection for just about fifteen years, I have never baked Thunder Cake myself.  Until yesterday, that is.  My favorite parts of the process were separating the egg yolks, licking the beaters, and of course placing the strawberry toppers.

If I had a fear of storms, this cake's taste would certainly cure my it.  I hope you too indulge in some delicious dessert soon.

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