Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[Hotel Del]

There’s a little island off the coast of California
I visited some time ago.
On it’s a hotel, and the hotel is red roofed.
The name is Coronado
Just about three years ago, my sister and I adventured to California on a weekend whim.  It was my first time visiting the sun drenched state.  The night before we set off, she suggested I come up with a few ideas of places to see. 

The only thing on my list was the Hotel Del Coronado.

I’d seen the beautiful hotel in a music video (I’ll post it Friday), and couldn’t shake the red roof and towering palm trees from my mind. 

When we finally made it, it was surreal.  Standing on the beach, looking up at the hotel was so powerful.  
It embodied glamour.
And class.
It made my heart hurt.

I plan on seeing Coronado again.  Some day.  And hopefully I’ll get to step inside.   

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