Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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The holiday weekend proved to be the unofficial start to summer with hot and humid days and barely cooler nights. 

When I was outside (which, I admit wasn't a lot), I got to visit my favorite childhood place in the neighboring town.  It made me remember all the countless times my family and I would get milkshakes and scamper across the park's bridge and or over the river rocks in the channel.  With all the rain we got earlier this month, the rocks were almost submerged, but made fantastic little water displays the whole length of the channel.  Nights are usually too hot to do anything physical, so finding the perfect park bench overlooking the Mississippi was a must.  This weekend's spot gave a great view of the bridge.  Being away from the bustle of downtown was a pleasant change; summer nights are perfect for enjoying the simpler things...even if its just how lights glow in the heavy air.


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