Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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My favorite shot from the trip.  I wish all movie theatres were this gorgeous!

Yesterday I got home from a quick trip to Kansas City, where my sister, her boyfriend and I scoured the scene for their upcoming June move.  Sunday and Monday we exhausted countless venues, including downtown lofts, suburban gated communities, and luxury apartments.  I am extremely happy to say, we succeeded in our search. 

After the pressure of finding a pad was through, we hit some hot spots of KC, which highlighted Power & Light and the Country Club Plaza.  We meandered up and down the streets with joy, and rounded out the trip with some delicious barbeque.  

The big move happens in a month and a half!  I am really looking forward to getting acquainted with the city on my future (and numerous) jaunts to see my c-ster!!


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