Monday, May 2, 2011

[One Birthday]

As April reached its end, my life became fairly busy.  Just a mere two days after my return from Arizona, I met my sister again at the airport so we could spend a fun-filled weekend together for my mother’s birthday.
Saturday was most hectic.  We began the day by presenting birthday cards and opening gifts, which were very special this year to celebrate the big fifty.  (Gorgeous round diamonds now sparkle effortlessly on my mother’s earlobes.)  After a two-on-two basketball game where the parents won 7-6, a ride around town, a delectable lunch, afternoon cocktails and a rousing card game, we headed to my aunt’s house for the birthday party.  We popped champagne and ate ice cream cake and laughed...a lot.  
Sunday we packed up the car and headed to Kansas City for some special activities.  I will be posting those pictures later this week.  For now, I hope you enjoy some images highlighting my weekend home.

My oh so beautiful rose.
My Lucky dog lounging on my bed.
Diamonds are a girl's best friend.
Bouquet for the birthday girl!
Pina colada cupcakes sans alcohol.
Beautiful cake for my beautiful Mama!
Enjoy your Monday,

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