Wednesday, June 8, 2011

[Kate Tape]

I have had the word "dream" on my wall for the longest time.  I don't even know when or why I got's metal and painted a few different shades of greige---looks very shabby.  Upon seeing this Rebecca Ward display featured at a Kate Spade store however, I was determined to create new life for my little dream sign.

[Yes.  Those color stripes are tape.  Now I would never want tape on my Kate Spade bag, it does provide some nice inspiration for beige-y objects needing a bit of pow.]
Image obtained from Google.
First off, to successfully transform a bland item into eye candy, you'll need a few supplies:
most importantly, Duct Tape sheets: I decided to use the same colors, pink and yellow, with some bright white thrown in as my own touch.
Be sure to use a Cutting board:  Protect your flat surfaces, and cut with care. 
Don't forget your Straight edge (obviously we want our edges to stay crisp).  Grab an Exacto knife for the long cuts, use scissors later for convenience.  Finally, find an Object you want to recover; be earth (and pocket book) friendly, use something you already own.

First, lay out all of your materials...okay, so this isn't extremely necessary, but I like to see everything right before I start a project.
Isn't this dream sign slightly unfortunate?  Not for long...!
Decide the widths of the strips you'd like to use for your tapes.  I cut the white at 1/8" widths, pink at 1/4" widths, and yellow at 3/8" widths.  Although I didn't, it may be wise to survey your object's dimensions to see what widths would work best.  (Mine just happened to lay out nicely.) 

Now would also be the time to determine the hierarchy of the chosen colors.  With the largest width, I used yellow as my special color;  I used it more sparingly than the pink and white. 
Begin to lay the strips of tape down on the object.  I went with classic striped, but chevron and plaid would look way cool too.  I did not use a formula or pattern when laying the pieces down: just experiment and use your keen design sense.  After four hours (for me at least!)... 

Ta-da!  A punchy new piece of decor!  It's graphic and sweet at the same are tempted to try it out for yourself now, aren't you?  

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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