Monday, June 6, 2011

[Past + Present]

Real books versus the eReader.

It's madness to me that I grew up in the age when computers and the Internet and Facebook took off. 
In my farthest memories, we had a beige computer...stationed on a dark wooden desk in our dining room.  I would play Mickey Mouse memory, and somehow always lost.  Well, maybe not in the Donald Duck round. 

Now, we have smart phones, iPods, laptops, as well as desktops, and tablets too.  We are forever connected into the technological world...and forever staring at screens. 
For that very reason, I was veeery reluctant to buy into the whole eReader thing.  I love to buy fresh books, crease the pages, and wear in the binding.  I enjoy looking at all my books lined up---all the titles standing straight as soldiers, at the ready to provide me endless hours of entertainment. 
But since I became a Barnes and Noble babe (aka bookseller), I began to reconsider the eReader.  Thousands of free books at my fingertips?  A portable library convenient for all of my travels? 

Saturday I caved and purchased the all new Simple Touch Reader.  It's the third version of the ever popular Nook, and it really is going to be a perfect match for me.  Slim design, no bells or whistles---perfect for the reader who wants to do just that. 

Sunday I started a new read, Her Fearful Symmetry.  I'm already caught up to where my sister is, and I am enjoying it immensely.  And yes, it is a real live book. 

Sometimes going against the current is tiresome.  Lugging around all the books I want to read during trips takes up valuable real estate in my luggage.  When I move, my heaviest boxes are always filled with my books.  I'm hoping to cut down on household havoc of hundreds of titles lying around and read more novels in the process.  Because although I love to own books, I don't care to own physical copies of the ones I don't love.

After Symmetry, I will be reading Water for Elephants on my Nook.  I'll let you know how it goes!  Happy Monday.

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  1. "Water for Elephants" is amazing! I hope you enjoy it!