Tuesday, July 12, 2011

[LBD Please]

We've all heard the stories of how a LBD (Little Black Dress) will change your wardrobe forever. 
The concept of the LBD is to have a dress that is the easiest to wear, most versatile piece in your closet. Accessories can stack or stay in their boxes...shoes can be flats or be crazy heels.  Essentially it is to be a blank (black) canvas for all of your fabulous events.

In my own life and wardrobe, I never experienced a little black dress. The only back dress I owned was a professional sheath that made me feel so unshapely. 

But I have great hopes for the Trina Turk "Princess Dress," featured below.  I received it yesterday after a bit of UPS drama, and the minute I put it on, visions of parties and graduations and evenings out on the town rushed into my head.  It already is a dream to wear.  Simple, chic, and oh so nice.  I'm not going to rush into things and call it my LBD just yet...a few test runs are required to make sure it stands up to all of my needs.  But now I have hope...if not this one, someday, I will discover my true LBD match.

The one on the left daaaahling.  Image obtained from The Blog at Periwinkle Shop.
Have a great Tuesday everybody!

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