Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Welcome Says The Menagerie

As they climbed the steep stairs to the little white shop, the girl wished to grab the boy's hand, but hesitated...and grabbed the railing instead. 

Twenty-six days ago:  I discovered this adorable planter when I was window shopping downtown at dusk.  The little elephant caught my eye immediately, and I stood there admiring him for a good while.

Fast forward to yesterday:  Finally!...a free day.  I made sure to schedule time to visit the same store and find the little fellow (he was no longer in the front display, and that worried me).  Lo and behold, a friendly worker tracked him down, and now he is mine.

He needs a bit of scrubbing, a name, and a plant to give him luvins.  All of those will gladly be arranged. 

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