Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's Vintage and Spring-y and Wonderful

He took her face in his hands and kissed her.  And just like that, he was gone.

It's been two weeks since The Dream Bed launched, and I hope you've had a chance to putter around the site.  I transferred all of my posts (and comments!) from ZuZubelle with minimal alterations, and I must say, I am pretty darn proud of how this baby looks so far. 

Because I want to send only the loveliest things into the universe through my blog, I want to make everything count.  Be prepared to only see three posts per week (days will most likely vary).  And since I know you are dying to ask, the answer is YES: my bed's name really is The Dream Bed. 

You see that cutie up there??  That's my man, Ethan.  He left for the Army yesterday.  I miss him so much already.  Think happy thoughts for my soldier.

**I love designlovefest blog...I got this photoshop idea here.


  1. I love it sweetie! My bed is called, TheMostComfyBedInTheWorld, haha! I love the new blog spot too!
    I miss my E too, I've been up most of the night.
    I adore you hunny, see you soon! Gotta check out this new blog!
    Love, peace & bacon grease,

  2. So, I'm back in "TheMostComfyBedInTheWorld" it missed me as much as I missed it! Soon, we hit the vintage shops together! Feel like going on a date with me?