Monday, August 1, 2011

Let's Pretend, Shall We?

They often spoke in English accents, sometimes on the beach and when riding in cars.

I am completely baffled as to how it is already August!!  Soon, kids will be packing their spiffy backpacks and lacing up their sneakers for a fresh new year.  I know if I was a kid, I'd be going to try on uniforms...believe me, that was always so dramatic (...and dare I say traumatic?). 

As the school year starts and fall approaches, I fall deeply in love with preppy stylings.  Maybe it's my east coast love affair surfacing...maybe it's because the air of New England states is just so darn irresistible.  I know I wouldn't mind toting a trunk onto a leafy campus, wearing slightly scuffed penny loafers or sharing a sarsaparilla with my guy on a cobblestone street ( this too much?). 

I know we have a good two months of hot and humid weather left here---you can count on me to be daydreaming of English countrysides and weather that requires donning a schoolboy blazer.

**I purchase the magazine Homes and Antiques monthly---I retrieved this image from issue 221, p 123. 

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