Monday, September 12, 2011

Gold & Pink & Pink

She remembers the hot pink velvet like it was yesterday.

I once saw a beeeautiful hot pink bench in an antique store, and in tufted velvet, can you imagine!?  I was probably nine, or so.  I fell in love immediately.  Of course I didn't need an extra piece of furniture, as I already had quite the collection, but oh! I adored it.  To this day, I think wistfully about it... I should have tried harder to convince my mom to bring it home with us.

This rockin' bed reminds me of the bench that got away.  And if I had the chance, I would take this bedroom as my own, teddy bear and all. 

And I love the elegance of these teacups---a gold rim gets me everytime.

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  1. I am obsessed with those teacups! I am a total pink girl, so clearly I am in love with this post. I love the blog re-design too!