Thursday, September 15, 2011

One for the Fellas

He had a way about him...much like Steve McQueen.

The Dream Bed has certainly shown it's fair share of all things girly/pink/glam, but, that's just one side of me.  Truth be known, I love masculine interiors too. 

Masculine minimalism is soo attractive.  The slightly retro pieces, lots of brown with black, statement accessories that pack a punch---I love it all.  But, the cool-guy vibe of disheveled organization is probably my favorite.

When considering designing a masculine room, who is better inspiration than Steve McQueen??  His leather jackets and steely gaze could easily transform into a worn-in office chair with heavy but sleek hardware.

And if you need a feminine touch, you needn't fret.  Steve McQueen always had some beautiful ladies around to soften his edges.

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  1. He's just so cool.-a

  2. I must be a man....according to my interiors. Love!

  3. My goodness, that man was so foxy! Love, love, love this!