Friday, October 28, 2011

October in Review

Tis the season to wear Wellies and sweaters.

Oh my, October is ending so soon!  I am in much disbelief as to how it flew by so quickly.  Did you do fun things?  Was it a happy month for you?

As you have seen, I spent my October in three special places---New York, Kansas City and Ft. Leonard Wood.  I felt like I was living out of my suitcase for most of the time...November will be a nice month to appreciate my closet space, I'm sure.

However not to be upstaged, this upcoming month will hold some of it's own excitement.  Flying out to Virginia as well as celebrating Thanksgiving will undoubtedly bring a big smile to my face.  I will admit...I am already in the Christmas doesn't help that today I'm going to a winery and ornament shopping!

Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you again on Halloween! 

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