Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paper Oasis

She rarely reads a book that is suggested to her.

Residential libraries are the rooms that real bookies drool over.  We all want to have the Belle moment don't we?  Rolling across a span of bookshelves on a ladder that reaches the ceiling---I know I've wished for it.  So much so that I have quite a collection of books already (see my bedside picks here).
In a library especially, I would love to evoke the coziness of collegiate New England.  The classic patterns, rich woods, odd but seemingly fitting decor---like this Phrenology statue.  I take pride in the books I own and love...having a luxurious home for them would be divine.  But if I am not so fortunate to have the bays upon bays of bookshelves and a second story tier with private spiral staircase access (I know, I'm a dreamer), a corner with built-in shelves would suffice.
I'm currently reading I Married You for Happiness.  How about you?  What's a requirement for your library?
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  1. my requirement is an excellent comfy chair, worn to perfection. something you can curl up in and lose yourself in your book. :D --a

  2. Dark wood, heavy green or burgundy velveteen curtains, odd crafts, projects and nic nack's collected over time that remind me of Victorian England. Oh and an antique stand-alone globe.