Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Do Swans Exist Today?

She most certainly would not be considered a swan...and that's okay.

Swans, as defined by Truman Capote, "are the most glamorous and often the most powerful girlfriends in town."  My question is, who are the swans of today?

Coming from Missouri, I could not tell you how the inner circles of the elite work, inside or outside of a big city.  In the literature I've read about the rich and the fabulous, pretty women and wealthy men usually rule the roost.  In Capote's world, there were choice nightclubs and choice ladies to take there.  They'd grab a booth and be lavish into the early morning, drenched in diamonds and filled with champagne.  Sounds glamorous, no? 

Although it is much easier to become a celebrity overnight these days than before (just imagine in a few years, when all the kid YouTube stars go to school together...won't that make for interesting lunch table talk?), are celebrities today's swans?  Are swans even famous?  More importantly, do swans exist anymore?

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excerpt taken from Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M. by Sam Wasson: pg. 49.

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  1. Love this thoughtful post, Dana. Can you be a swan and a homebody?
    The post looks great on B&B. Xo