Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Living In a Brownstone

She made the LBD attainable for all women.

I'm not an Audrey fanatic.  I own six of her films, and my 2011 calendar is images of her.  I do admire her with fervor, though. 

I remember the first Audrey movie I ever saw.  Strangely enough, it was Wait Until Dark, a crime/thriller flick with Alan Arkin.  Then I saw Roman Holiday and looooved her with Gregory Peck---this is when she really caught my eye (what can I say, I had short hair at the time, and she was a beautiful form of encouragement).

I love Audrey because ____________________. 

She's adorable and hilarious.  She sings and dances her heart out.  And in Breakfast at Tiffany's she takes the mold of what a woman is told to be and simply says no.  She's fashionable for herself.

If you've never seen an Audrey film (first off, what have you been doing all your life?), rent one (do people even rent anymore?).  Get your hands on a copy, and after watching it, come back and tell me why you love her.

Because you will. 


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  1. Dana, I'm right there with you on this one!!!!!!