Friday, December 16, 2011

I Disappeared For a Minute... lovely are your branches.

I know...I'm sorry.  It is safe to say I wasn't very good at juggling things the past two weeks.  Projects and holiday work hours and then finals this week---now I can breathe and blog again.

In the midst of craziness, I took a much needed break this past weekend and put up my tinsel tree.  I always delight in popping it up and decorating it differently than previous years.  Once I strung the lights (twice, thanks to a faulty set I neglected to check), and placed the topped (an adorable Santa figure holding shiny presents), I stepped back to admire the little beauty.  

All i can think when I look at my tree is, "Wow, my ornaments are eclectic."  I've been collecting ornaments (thanks to my mom) ever since my very first Christmas.  And it's a bit of a tradition for my sister and I to get the same or similar ornaments each year.  2011 was perfect for adding a banana into the mix.  Over the years, I've acquired a pickle, a wooden painted teddy bear dated 1991, The Lollipop Guild from Wizard of Oz, and even an airstream with a functioning awning.  I guess I'm not a themed-tree kind of girl.

Now that school is wrapped up, I feel like I can finally sit back, pop in The Family Stone, and celebrate the holidays.  I already know the best part of my Christmas is going to be family and more than ever, Ethan.  

Have a happy something festive!! 

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  1. Missed you! Our tree is totally random too, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Hope you are able to relax a bit more now. xo