My Non-Design Life

As of right now, I'm sure you know a lot about me in regards to design and what I am drawn to aesthetically.  But here are some things you might not know.

I am a dominant lefty. 
I make a mean mix CD. 
I identify more with the Sagittarius star sign than my natural-born Capricorn. 
It doesn't take much to make me cry, but all my tears are sincere. 
I love yellow, but own more pink. 
I can eat ice cream as a meal, and in the summer, often do. 
I am proud of my Polish heritage and plan to sister-visit the home country someday. 
I paint abstractly and draw realistically. 
My best dancing is always of the interpretive persuasion. 
I am addicted to buying pretty books. 
I have one crooked tooth and no prominent facial features. 
My skin color is extremely difficult to match with makeup. 
I want to live in the Pacific Northwest or British Isles. 
Strangers often tell me I should have been a basketball player. 
I sing really cool impromptu lyrics...sadly no one ever hears them.